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“I have never seen any coach or trainer GIVE as much valuable information once you are in her circle. Her training is top drawer and so relevant for the on-line entrepreneur. She is worth whatever investment she is asking for.”

Deb Mundy

“Jen has been my teacher for almost two years. I met her after being a part of the Front Row for a few months.
The experience in the Front Row was like nothing I’ve experienced.
I’ve also taken two of her courses. Jen is an amazing instructor and I can ALWAYS count on her to be there for me, not just for tech questions, but for support in my business. Jen loves what she does and wants nothing but the best for her students.”

Laura Ball
Facebook Ads Strategist

“I’ve been a part of Jen’s Front Row Facebook Group for over a year. I am not sure how Jen keeps up with everything going on in the digital marketing space, but she does. I look forward to every single training she offers. Now that I have access to everything in her new Front Row VIP Membership, I can stop worrying about missing one of her trainings!”

Catherine R. Dove
Digital Business Boutique

“I love hanging out in the Front Row because Jen is always sharing cutting edge information in a way that makes it simple and fun to learn. She is super smart and a class act!
Jen has a servant's heart and generously shares her time and talents. Whether it is in person, in the Front Row, or inside one of her paid courses, Jen makes every person in the room feel valued.”

Lanette Pottle
Positive Lady Enterprises

“Jen has a big smile, big heart, and lots of knowledge. I am blown away by the content she provides us and how engaged she is with us! Jen attracts amazing people to her group. She is constantly providing us with social media gems that make us stronger, more focused and more visible. She continually brings change and shortcuts and value and excitement. All the time. And always with fun and laughter!
Every single week you will learn something very cool and applicable - something you can actually use. Often you will hear of and see tricks and processes and new platforms you've never seen anywhere else!"

Isabelle Baker
Isabelle Media


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“Being in the Front Row does exactly that – puts you in first place for learning about the very latest developments in social media marketing before anyone else has even heard about them! Jen is always on hand to explain the most complicated of concepts in a clear, accessible and fun way. She goes above and beyond on everything. Who wouldn’t want to be in the Front Row with Jen!”

Rachel Lankester
The Mutton Club

The Front Row is by far one of the best online communities I've joined. Jen is very approachable and responsive. Above all, she's on top of the latest marketing trends and passionate about sharing her knowledge with others.”

Brandon Uttley
Go For Launch

“Jen (and her Front Row community) has motivated me to get going with Facebook live and she is an inspiration with how she shares every cool thing she finds - showing the world how to use communications to enhance and promote a business on Social Media.
I've learned so much from her, I'm going to have to update my teaching material and start up some new courses, just so I can share all of this with the world! Thank you, Jennifer, for being so rock-solid with all you do and all you share with all of us. You are the BEST!”

Brian Rouley

"This wonderful group of like minded hard working entrepreneurs has been created by Jen Lehner who is a great leader; my mentor for techy items, software programs etc. and the "how to" tutorials, courses, programs, how to best utilize social media platforms and is very knowledgeable in all areas!! She is my guiding light to enhance my current successful online business and has inspired me to get my own online courses off the ground, which I did!!! Thank you Jen!!"

Diane Foisy
Calligraphy by Diane

"Jen has been invaluable to me. She has taught me a ton about digital marketing and about being an entrepreneur. The Front Row has been great for me to bounce ideas off fellow entrepreneurs, tap into Jen's expertise, and get new and innovative ideas I can implement for my company. I can't wait to be a Front Row VIP!"

Amanda Herr
Herr Company

"Jen Lehner is definitely the person I want as a friend and mentor in all things social media. She makes savvy fun and valuable. Her attention to staying ahead of what's cool and new and what's not is priceless. I had the pleasure of her company on my live streaming show MariePiazzaTV and she delivered so much. I actually decided to try something new because of her amazing paid and free training for bots and more. If you are looking for a straight shooter who values her healthy business and lifestyle. Jen is your person. I could have an extra long list of what I have learned from her and what she shares openly. She is the master of easy to follow courses that over deliver. Thank you, Jen."


Before joining Front Row VIP, I was swimming along (and somedays it was more like dog paddling) in my new online business, which honestly, was not making me any money. I kept thinking if I just keep plugging away, eventually it would all make sense.

This past year, everything changed. The light bulbs went off, I took massive action, I launched viable products, and started really showing up and implementing the many tools I had been learning about. And guess what? I started making money.

One of the biggest reasons I can attribute this massive shift to is joining Jennifer Lehner's Front Row VIP Mastermind Group.

Friends, this is not your run-of-the-mill paid program. This is my go to place for help, answers, solutions, support, cheerleading, suggestions, ideas, implementation, new tools and tricks, hacks to make this online business world easier! And that's just the beginning! Jennifer's skillful hand guides you personally through the forest so you don't keep bumping into trees!! And she over-delivers EVERY SINGLE TIME.

I am telling all of my business friends, especially online entrepreneurs, about this Front Row VIP group. It's the best investment I've made in my business, and I will gladly continue to make it for as long as VIP is open. What I have gotten out of it has blown my mind. I am so grateful to Jen and her fearless leadership. She truly is one in a million. You will not regret joining this group!

April Adams Pertuis
Video Producer, Writer, and Storytelling Coach

Over the past 4 years I have been a part of different online groups. There isn't group out there that compares to the quality and substance that Front Row VIP provides. No comparison, hands down.

I was hesitant to join another group, as I had let go of others and didn't want to spend anymore money. I had watched Jennifer in another group I was a part of and was always impressed by her knowledge and commitment. I can't say enough about Jennifer and the value, dedication, commitment, kindness, and patience that she brings.

I am not a technowizard and have felt awkward asking questions in other groups. Jennifer hasn't hesitated to answer and goes above and beyond what I could have asked for.

The members of this group are remarkably supportive and responsive. I feel immense gratitude to be a part of this group and to Jennifer.

Perry Janssen



"Somehow Jen manages to know what my business needs and is able to break down the technology into usable pieces that save me from overwhelm. If Jen tells me I need a new tool - I know its true. Can't recommend her enough and can't wait for Front Row VIP!"

Kathy Wilson
Elite Reputations

"I've told Jennifer that, aside from the amazing program we met through, her invitation to join her amazing Front Row Facebook group is the best thing that happened to me :-) The people in the Front Row, like Jennifer, are high-quality peeps! Every day they bring their best suggestions and are generously willing to share their best information and techniques! My favourite Front Row events are the FB Live moments where Jennifer drops golden information nuggets! The Front Row, like Jennifer, is pure gold. Seriously, you need look no further."

Sylvia Schneider

"I've heard about the great Facebook groups, helping a lot, making things helping you really grow your business, where you find people and knowledge that matter and you find yourself motivated to apply as much as you can, great... I had to run a long road before finding exactly that inThe Front Row. It's like to have your personal coach, always present. She's there! She cares! She inspires! She invests her knowledge in you! If you want to build the real results, don't search further. You're at the right place."

Valerija Brkljac
Yura Borzoi Editore

"Jen you've inspired me so much over the years. I applaud everything you do, in your probably too modest, non-salesy way. You give us so much information to keep us going! You're brilliant! And you keep sharing what you've learned like we're all your best friends and you want to see us thrive! Thank you for being you! "

Alyssa Ostrander
Soul Centered Astrology Life Coaching

"Jen's knowledge, tips and insights into the world of online marketing and social media deliver powerful results. Jen always overdelivers with immense value and practical help getting your head around the tricky stuff. She's at the forefront of what's happening - which makes it a no-brainer of who to watch!"

Sarah Cousins

"Jen Lehner has been my preferred Social Media Marketing Strategist since I discovered her top notch Front Row group in 2015. Jen ensures her people are among the first informed on news , how to implement those and how we can make them benefit our specific businesses. Did I mention she has the greatest humor too? The best moments of learning are in Jen's Front Row. I cannot understand how it can become even better with her VIP-launch but this lady has a talent to amaze!"

LIsa Bjarkli
Aquila Management Consulting AS

"Jen doesn’t hold anything back when she shares her knowledge. She is a giver who cares about your success. The Front Row VIP is more than a membership site: Jen nurtures an engaging community where you can get your work done in a playful environment. My favorite part are the challenges and events that Jen organizes. Unlike other membership sites, the Front Row VIP is not a collection of passive information products but offers instead action oriented activities."

Thuy Pham
Momentum Boutique

I had a course created. A website. A LinkedIn page. But nothing was coming together, and I didn’t know how to really market myself. A friend RAVED about Jen’s FrontRowVIP membership group, and I joined. I am SO glad I did.

Jen holds these biweekly video calls where you can get specific coaching. I was very impressed the first time I attended and asked my LinkeIn question. She had reviewed my website and Facebook page as well. She helped me clearly see what was missing and why it wasn’t cohesive…something I could only sense but didn’t really have clarity on.

Her group is more than the typical “Monday motivation,” memes. She holds fun, useful activities that bring everyone who participates together, move you towards your business goals, and keep you motivated.

She is a wealth of knowledge and expertise, and she gives you VALUE every week. I’ve stopped relying on the many other Facebook groups I was a member of because Jen provides so much from FB Ads to productivity tools to marketing expertise.

FrontRowVip is some of the best money I’ve spent on my business. I’m still pulling it all together, and I'm operating at a slower pace than some in the group. As I have questions, though, I'm confident Jen is in my corner. So grateful to you Jen!

Patti Villalobos
Boundaries, Mindfulness & Resilience Coach

This is not your ordinary or even your extraordinary opportunity.

Joining with Jen's VIP group is like winning the lottery, or even like having Christmas morning every day. She fills all of her courses with extreme generosity, surprises that are fulfilling, exciting and motivating. For instance, our recent Accountability Challenge ended with gift boxes (YAY!) and a clear pathway to success. In only a couple of months I'm further into monetizing my work than I've been in years. Love this woman, love this work, love this growing and exciting community!

Catherine Seo, PhD
Co-Director, the Lipedema Project


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