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You are not alone, my friend.

24% of Americans report earning money from the digital ‘platform economy’ in the past year.

(11/16 Pew Research Center)

And I bet 90% percent of those folks, even the most experienced online entrepreneurs, get overwhelmed with this digital stuff. Every single day a new oh-my-goodness-you-have-to-try-this thing is suddenly available and you're thinking "GREAT. I barely know how to use a flippin' I have to learn THIS?"

You are good at what you do and it's frustrating to feel like you are being held hostage by technology!

You can't make headway because your entire day gets wasted by a glitch in one piece of software or another. Or you had to watch yet ANOTHER webinar that really ended up being a just a bunch of fluff by some guru who pitched you hard at the end.) And you can't afford this wasted time. Maybe you are trying to serve clients, or you have a day job, or a family who would like to see you once in a while.


Maybe you've honestly done everything right.

You've set up an email sequence, created a lead magnet, sent out surveys to your audience, spent several bucks on branding, purchased funnel've done all the things!

Maybe you even purchased lots of courses and tools to build an online course, or a podcast.

But here is the stone cold truth as I see it:

Without guidance you can TRUST and feedback that is HONEST, things can become unnecessarily frustrating. And expensive. (Because things are taking longer than necessary, too.)


I had no idea what I was doing when I started my business...

And I had no real "thing".

No blog.

No niche.

No list.

No product.



But I had a passion for social media and marketing and a crazy irrepressible desire to share what I was learning. 

4 years later and I have a thriving online business and I teach at the university level. But my favorite place to spend time is in my online community, The Front Row.


For three years I have hosted a free group called "The Front Row". It was listed in "Fast Company" as "One of the Top Twelve Facebook Groups to Join Before Quitting Your Day Job." That's because in that group I gave away a ridiculous amount of free training and one on one support. It has been a joy to me and I've loved every minute of it.

But the group has grown, and in order for me to really give the type of value I love to deliver AND not live a life of poverty, I have created "The Front Row VIP". 

Since offering this VIP option to 140 entrepreneurs in July 2017, the positive feedback from members has been overwhelming. 

I have a TON of content that I could have easily dumped in here and know for a fact that I would already have more than most membership sites in the way of content. BUT, you deserve better than recycled content.

But before I launched in July, I talked to my community members for months about what they wanted in a membership site, and the consensus was "WE WANT SIMPLE." No one wants to be overwhelmed with a bunch of content they will never have time to consume. They also asked for short, actionable, trainings that bring big wins. Check. That's my specialty.

But Front Row VIP is about much more than just content. This a supportive community like no other. Let's start with the fact that I know every single one of the members in VIP. I know what their business is about, what they are struggling with, and what they hope to accomplish. I care deeply about each and every member, and they tell me that it shows.

Membership Benefits

Your VIP Membership Includes all of the following:

Live Calls

Every other week, we get together on Zoom and I will answer your questions, share my screen with you to give instruction, and you can share your screen with me, and your Front Row friends, for feedback. When you can't make it, you can submit your question in advance, and my answer will be recorded for you. Sometimes, this online business stuff can be lonely, so aside from the obvious benefit of getting personal help and guidance, you are also going to be part of a group of other human beings who will become your friends. And they will also hold you accountable, if you need that.

The Forum

If you are already a member of my free group, The Front Row, you know that it's a pretty awesome community. Our VIP  forum is similar, but the difference is that it is much smaller, so we can actually hear each other and get to know each other. I am in the group daily and I livestream in the group regularly.

VIP Training

I add new webinars and mini-courses to this site regularly. Currently, there are 6 brand new courses available to you: "Hot Bots", "Totally Rad Facebook Ads", "Productivity Power Pack", "Facebook Groups Special Sauce" and  "Alexa Flash Briefings". 

Note: Courses can be purchased individually if you are not a member.


The Vault

Every replay of every webinar goes into the vault. These are only available to members of Front Row VIP. Accompanying worksheets, cheatsheets, and resource guides will be here, too.


You know how every single day you log in to Facebook or Pinterest or whatever and you notice something new? And you slap yourself on the head and think " I really DO NOT have time to figure this out!". That's what "Newsworthy" is all about. I keep you updated on all the latest changes in digital, and I'm going to let you know if it's something you need to know about and use in your business, or if it's a waste of time. 

Unique Skill-Building Experiences

I always like to surprise my members with unique experiences that make learning fun. Recently I hosted our Fall Accountability Challenge, (with an 80% completion rate!), and a Pecha Kucha Friday Mixer, where members learned how to create a captivating 6 minute alternative to a boring slide deck, and presented to their fellow VIPers.


About Jen

I am a digital marketing strategist, online course creator, and adjunct professor of digital marketing at Notre Dame College and Cleveland State University, founder of Jen Lehner Media, LLC,  The Front Row and The Front Row Entrepreneur podcast. I am completely obsessed with sharing the wonders of digital marketing and online entrepreneurship with others. 


"“I have never seen any coach or trainer GIVE as much valuable information once you are in her circle. Her training is top drawer and so relevant for the on-line entrepreneur. She is worth whatever investment she is asking for.”"

Deb Mundy

"Jen has been my teacher for almost two years. I met her after being a part of the Front Row for a few months. The experience in the Front Row was like nothing I’ve experienced. I’ve also taken two of her courses. Jen is an amazing instructor and I can ALWAYS count on her to be there for me, not just for tech questions, but for support in my business. Jen loves what she does and wants nothing but the best for her students."

Laura Ball
Facebook Ads Strategist

"I've been a part of Jen's Front Row Facebook Group for over a year. I am not sure how Jen keeps up with everything going on in the digital marketing space, but she does. I look forward to every single training she offers. Now that I have access to everything in the her new Front Row VIP Membership so I can stop worrying about missing one of her trainings!"

Catherine R. Dove
Digital Business Boutique

It's the best decision I've made in my business...

Before joining Front Row VIP, I was swimming along (and somedays it was more like dog paddling) in my new online business, which honestly, was not making me any money. I kept thinking if I just keep plugging away, eventually it would all make sense.

This past year, everything changed. The light bulbs went off, I took massive action, I launched viable products, and started really showing up and implementing the many tools I had been learning about. And guess what? I started making money.

One of the biggest reasons I can attribute this massive shift to is joining Jen Lehner's Front Row VIP.

Friends, this is not your run-of-the-mill paid program. This is my go to place for help, answers, solutions, support, cheerleading, suggestions, ideas, implementation, new tools and tricks, hacks to make this online business world easier! And that's just the beginning! Jennifer's skillful hand guides you personally through the forest so you don't keep bumping into trees!! And she over-delivers EVERY SINGLE TIME.

I am telling all of my business friends, especially online entrepreneurs, about this Front Row VIP group. It's the best investment I've made in my business, and I will gladly continue to make it for as long as VIP is open. What I have gotten out of it has blown my mind. I am so grateful to Jen and her fearless leadership. She truly is one in a million. You will not regret joining this group!

April Pertuis

Front Row VIP is some of the best money I've spent on my business...

I had a course created. A website. A LinkedIn page. But nothing was coming together, and I didn’t know how to really market myself. A friend RAVED about Jen’s FrontRowVIP membership group, and I joined. I am SO glad I did.

Jen holds these biweekly video calls where you can get specific coaching. I was very impressed the first time I attended and asked my LinkeIn question. She had reviewed my website and Facebook page as well. She helped me clearly see what was missing and why it wasn’t cohesive…something I could only sense but didn’t really have clarity on.

Her group is more than the typical “Monday motivation,” memes. She holds fun, useful activities that bring everyone who participates together, move you towards your business goals, and keep you motivated.

She is a wealth of knowledge and expertise, and she gives you VALUE every week. I’ve stopped relying on the many other Facebook groups I was a member of because Jen provides so much from FB Ads to productivity tools to marketing expertise.

FrontRowVip is some of the best money I’ve spent on my business. I’m still pulling it all together, and I'm operating at a slower pace than some in the group. As I have questions, though, I'm confident Jen is in my corner. So grateful to you Jen.

Patti Villalobos

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Unlike other membership sites, the Front Row VIP is not a collection of passive information products but offers instead action oriented activities.  

Jen doesn’t hold anything back when she shares her knowledge. She is a giver who cares about your success.
The Front Row VIP is more than a membership site: Jen nurtures an engaging community where you can get your work done in a playful environment.
My favorite part are the challenges and events that Jen organizes. Unlike other membership sites, the Front Row VIP is not a collection of passive information products but offers instead action oriented activities. 

Thuy Pham

Joining Jen's VIP Group is like winning the lottery...

This is not your ordinary or even your extraordinary opportunity.

Joining with Jen's VIP group is like winning the lottery, or even like having Christmas morning every day. She fills all of her courses with extreme generosity, and surprises that are fulfilling, exciting and motivating. For instance, our recent Accountability Challenge ended with gift boxes (YAY! - I'm so in!) and a clear pathway to success. In only a couple of months I'm further into monetizing my work than I've been in years. Love this woman, love this work, love this growing and exciting community!

Catherine Seo, PhD

There isn't group out there that compares to the quality and substance that Front Row VIP provides.

Over the past 4 years I have been a part of different online groups. There isn't group out there that compares to the quality and substance that Front Row VIP provides. No comparison, hands down.

I was hesitant to join another group, as I had let go of others and didn't want to spend anymore money. I had watched Jennifer in another group I was a part of and was always impressed by her knowledge and commitment. I can't say enough about Jennifer and the value, dedication, commitment, kindness, and patience that she brings.

I am not a technowizard and have felt awkward asking questions in other groups. Jennifer hasn't hesitated to answer and goes above and beyond what I could have asked for.

The members of this group are remarkably supportive and responsive. I feel immense gratitude to be a part of this group and to Jennifer.

Perry Janssen

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