Create an Alexa Flash
Briefing in 2 Hours


Maybe you missed your opportunity to be an early blogger, or podcaster, or live streamer.

When Marie Forleo was recording her  YouTube videos in the early 2000s, you were still trying to figure out your Blackberry.

You might have missed your chance to buy Apple,Google and Amazon stock.

But now you’ve got another one of those big opportunities staring at you right in the face.

Now is your chance to be one of the people who starts first and reaps all the rewards that go along with that… RAPIDLY growing your audience and your business with an amazing little thing called an Alexa Flash Briefing.

What is a flash briefing?

It’s a small audio clip, less than 10 minutes long.

..but usually between 3-5 minutes.

It’s the easiest thing you’ll ever create. 

So easy you can even record it on your phone. And upload. And publish.

You can listen to these briefings  through Amazon devices like the Amazon Echo, and the Amazon Dot.

You just say, "Alexa, play my flash briefing."  Alexa will then play each of the briefings that you have “enabled”.

Why should you care?

If you create your own Alexa flash briefing, you will reach a huge audience you would have never been able to reach before.

As your audience grows, so will your revenue. ,

Think about it. In no time at all, hundreds and thousands of people hear you sharing little bits of your brilliance each day.

You become part of their day.

This is different than a podcast.

80 percent of all Amazon Prime Members have one of these devices.

100 million Amazon smart speakers have already been sold.

It will be the way it was when TV's were first hit the scene; every household is going to have one. (Except for the people who think they are spy devices, and if that’s you, then that’s ok. You can still do the briefing.You don’t have to have the device!)

People can listen through their phones, too, via the Alexa app. You don't have to have the device to listen to flash briefings.

“My audience doesn't listen to Flash Briefings”

Your CURRENT audience isn't listening. (Although that’s just temporary). For certain, though,  your future audience is.

Car companies are putting Alexa in their vehicles as standard features.

Amazon is the second largest search engine AND it is the world’s largest store.

Already you can purchase things with your voice through your Amazon device...soon you will be able to order directly from a flash briefing!

Because people search Amazon for books, I have some keyword ninja tricks that will allow your briefing to get found on the big Amazon book store when people go to search for something in your niche.

If you haven’t fallen off your chair yet, consider this:

Facebook just released their first piece of hardware, the Facebook Portal, and guess what they  put inside? Alexa.

This is an opportunity to finally be the early adopter who gets the head-start advantage. There are only 50K  Alexa skills right now, with an even smaller number of flash briefings. Next year there will be 10x that amount. Now is the time to get your voice out there.

Don’t know what the heck you would say?

I can help with that. But just know that if you are a subject matter expert, and because these are just short little nuggets, tips, moments of inspiration that you share with your audience, once you start jotting these down on a legal pad, you’ll come up with months worth of content in no time.

“I don’t have the time.”

That’s why I love these  BREIFings so much. They are short and so easy to create.

No editing.

Just record and walk away.

I’m going to show you how you can record, upload and publish 3 months worth of flash briefings in one sitting, After a couple of hours, not only is your daily content created and uploaded, it’s scheduled to publish each day, automatically, without you having to even think about it again.

I’ve been doing this for a year and  I have hundreds of regular listeners and they are now turning into clients and customers.

I’ve created a course for you that you will love:

I want you to set up your own flash briefing right away. It isn’t difficult, but there are some particular things you need to pay attention to if you want your briefing to really take off.

In this course I’m offering you a collection of short bite-size video lessons that will walk you through every step of the process,

You will learn how to:

1-Set it up: So that it gets approved quickly by Amazon, and so that it has the right keywords to get found by listeners in search. You will also learn how to brand your briefing, visually and audibly. ,

2-Record: There are very few great briefings out there. They sound janky. I’m going to show you how to look like a pro from the very beginning. This is where I share my secrets for monetization, also.

3-Publish and Automate: I’m going to show you how to publish and preschedule your flash briefings for automation.

4-Repurpose, SEO, and Market: I will share with you how to repurpose your Flash Briefing most effectively, for multiple channels and how to get massive search engine optimization (SEO) for your website, how to leverage this if you are an agency, and how to use this internally (if you are network marketing leader, CEO, school principal, or scout leader!).  I’m also going to show you how to market your briefing effortlessly.

My promise to you is that you by the time you finish this course, you will have your very own Alexa Flash Briefing in a matter of hours*. (Plus, approval time by Amazon, which usually takes a day or two)

When Jennifer first mentioned Alexa Flash Briefings, I was skeptical. I put off setting them up, mostly because I was very busy and just didn’t have time for another project. Flash Briefings went on my “to do” list for 2019, but with Jennifer’s prodding and guidance, I got them set up this year. I wish I would have done it earlier! I can honestly say that planning and recording my Flash Briefing every day is one of the funnest parts of marketing my business. Jennifer is very clear in explaining what needs to be done and how to do it. The resources she suggests makes setting up and recording a Flash Briefing very easy. Jennifer also gives great tips on how to utilize and repurpose each recording so that it gets used over and over again. I'm absolutely convinced of Alexa Flash Briefings as a powerful marketing tool, and it's all due to Jennifer's leadership and guidance.(Besides, it’s really cool to be able to search yourself on Amazon!)

Check out Susan's Flash Briefing

When I discovered Jen could teach me how to create an Alexa Flash Briefing - the easy way- I was so excited. I had already been researching the process. It was going to be hard and complicated...until Jen.

She laid it out step-by-step, had identified software to make each part of the process happen without complicated anything. I was excited beyond explanation.

Then, within a, matter of an hour or two, I had my first Alexa Flash Briefing ready to submit for approval.


I use the same exact process Jen taught me and now air my Flash Briefing, No Experience Necessary, every weekday.

It's so fun and my audience is impressed I've mastered this new, cutting edge way to deliver content.

I'd recoomend anything Jen teaches and her Alexa Flash Briefing course is no exception.

Do it!

Check out Colleen's Flash Briefing

I LOVE, love love having an Alexa Flash briefing. For so long, I thought about doing one, but I was so stuck on the tech set up and couldn't think how I'd use a flash briefing in my business.

Enter Jen Lehner!! Her step-by-step teaching style just makes everything easy!! Using her specific instructions, I went through the entire process of setting up, recording, and publishing my first Flash Briefing in a matter of just a couple of hours. Now, recording these daily only takes me 10 minutes!! It's so easy... and I'm having a blast!

Every day, I'm sharing story ideas, prompts, and words of inspiration to show others the power of storytelling and how to use their own story to connect with other people and grow their tribe and business!

The cool part is, recording these little nuggets every day has made me fall in love with my own content again! These are so fun to produce (because it's easy! YAY!) and I can already see how my reach is expanding and others are finding out about me & my services because I am now DISCOVERABLE ON AMAZON. How cool is that??

Seriously, take Jen's course! She will walk you through everything you need to know -- and it's so much easier than you think!

Check out April's Flash Briefing

Starting a Flash Briefing was easy once I followed Jen's instructions. It's a daily process that takes less than 10 minutes and fits into my daily workflow - record at night, then post first thing in the morning. Using Jen's strategy, after 2 weeks, I have 1,000 subscribers worldwide, adding at rate between 75 and 150 per day. Telling people "I launched an Amazon Alexa Flash Briefing Skill in the Amazon App store" has been a key differentiator between myself and similar people in my space, and exposed an entirely new audience to my work -  all in less than 10 minutes per day.

Check out Daniel's Flash Briefing

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